Yard Debris Removal

Whether you have limbs and debris on your lawn from a storm or an area you’ve let go over the years the Minion Squad is happy to help. We will come to your house and clean up all the debris, limbs, leaves, old decaying firewood, overgrown grass, and other items from your lawn to get that section of your yard looking great again. No job too big or small for removing the debris from your yards. We understand that sometimes something that starts off as a small pile of items that you “will get to later” suddenly turns into an overwhelming stress full project that is just to daunting to even start cleaning up. We can help.

Debris Removal Options

Depending on the scope of what you are looking to have done, one of your options is for us to haul away all the debris so you never have to see it again.

If your town or neighborhood has debris and limb pickup and you’re looking to save a little money on your yard debris removal service we can simply haul all of the debris o the curb for your town to pick it up on their schedule.


Ready for your yard debris removal estimate? Just drop me a note below.

    Benefits of Cleaning Your Lawn from Storm Debris and Junk

    Debating whether or not to hire a company to clean your yards after a storm or from a growing pile of random objects in your lawn?

    Improve Curb Appeal.

    Cleaning your yard up will give you a smile every-time you pull into your driveway.

    Make your neighbors happy with a clean lawn.

    We know that sometimes you can feel like a bad neighbor, even if no one else thinks you are. Having a clean lawn can boost your opinion of yourself.

    Makes your yard look larger than it was with the debris and or junk.

    When you remove a pile or a random spread of debris from your property your overall lawns and yards will seem bigger to you from the newly opened space.

    Makes your yard look larger than it was with the debris and or junk.

    Sometimes small piles turn into huge piles and you simply feel defeated and don't even know where to start your cleaning project. We do.