Leaf pickup

Leaf Pickup and Leaf Removal

No one enjoys dead, decaying leaves all over their gorgeous lawns. Whether it’s during the crisp fall air or during the warm Spring air with birds chirping, raking and blowing leaves is not something any homeowner or business owner looks forward to. We understand that completely. Here at Minion Squad our leaf pick up service consists of;

  • Raking the Leaves on Your Lawn or Leaf Blowing Your Lawn.
  • Bagging your leaves and place them at the edge of your property for your town or city leaf pickup.
  • Optionally we also can take all the leaves and bags with us when we leave your property, where we dispose of them where they are reused.

We offer leaf removal services for Fall clean ups, Spring clean ups and fresh ups, as well as just general one time leaf pickup services.

Service Options

With our progressive clean up we come to your property every 7 to 14 days to remove the leaves that have fallen since our last visit. This ensures you never have a large build up of dead leaves sitting on your lawn, ruining the grass.

Some times, like during the early Spring you only need a one time clean up of the leaves on your lawn. These can be left over from the fall or blown onto your property during the winter from your neighbors unkept lawns. Our one time leaf removal is just as it sounds. During our visit we rake and leaf blow all the leaves, bag them, and then place them at the edge of your property or take them with us depending on your desires.

Leaves on Your Lawn

We offer leaf removal and leaf pickup during the Fall, during the Spring, and any time you find you heave dead and decaying leaves sitting on your grass.


Ready for an estimate for leaf removal at your house? Just shoot me a message below.