Lawn Mowing

Lawn Mowing services by the Minion Squad.

Your lawn will be cut on a weekly basis (7 to 10 days depending on growing season) weather permitting, in case of rainy weather the lawn will be cut the next dry day  available.

Mowing your lawn is an effective method to promote grass growth and keep your entire lawn looking healthy. Mowing your grass properly is important though, as the way you mow could help or hurt your lawn. Mowing too short or too infrequently or with a dull blade is not good for your lawn.

Maintaining a gorgeous healthy lawn does take work, and a great way to have a healthy foundation is to mow your yard properly. You shouldn’t only be mowing when it is noticeable the lawn needs to be mowed, as keeping a lush healthy lawn regular mowing is needed.

If you are sick of mowing your own grass, or simply don’t have the time, Minion Squad can handle all of your lawn mowing either on a regular basis, short basis for while your away on vacation, or even 1 time overgrown lawn cuts.

How often should I mow my yards?

The more attentive an individual is about mowing their grass, the healthier and greener it will be. Those who can’t spend much time maintaining to their yard, or simply do not enjoy it, hire a lawn service so that their yards get the correct maintenance they require.

Should I bag my grass clippings?

Bagging your lawn clippings is not always the best route, as the clippings can be beneficial to your lawn’s overall health. The cut blades of grass maintain moisture, act as a natural fertilizer, maintain moisture, and shade your soil from the sun. If you mow frequently, you won’t have to worry about the volume of grass clippings. Ultimately it is up to each individual homeowner or business owner. If there has been a lot of rain, or if you spend a ton of time running around and playing in your yard you may enjoy having the clippings bagged and removed from your lawns.  

What’s included with the Minion Squad Lawn Mowing service?

  • Weekly mowings
  • Mowing your lawn to the preferred height
  • Edging the grass near sidewalks or curbs
  • Blowing grass clippings from driveways and sidewalks
  • Bagging and disposing of waste due to lawn mowing, if requested.

What if my lawn is overgrown?

Minion Squad estimates given for lawn mowing service assume that your lawn has been maintained regularly. Minion Squad may need to revise our estimate on-site for our first visit if it your grass is severely overgrown and/or it has been many weeks since your lawn was last mowed. We will not proceed with the service without first discussing any changes in our estimate with you, so there are no surprises.

Will the Minion Squad haul away my yard waste?

For our standard mowing the waste will be bagged and brought to your curb or other location requested. We also can haul away the bags ourselves so when we leave your property the waste does as well for an additional cost.


Ready for an estimate for lawn mowing? Just drop me a note below.